How It Works

It's a seat and a compost


Sit on the seat or lift it and put your food or garden waste in.


The air on all 5 sides with the worms turn food waste into soil in about 4-6 weeks with no odour.


Remove the soil and add it to pot plants, garden beds, plants and trees.

coolseats go anywhere - at houses, cafes, road verges, footpaths, playgrounds, community gardens, school yards . . . on soil, grass or hard surfaces (paving, concrete, bitumen).

With a grant from the NSW Environment Protection Authority the Cool City Compost Bench Trial will take all the food waste from 5 cafes in Sydney’s inner suburb of Chippendale, and 5 cafes from the regional centre of Bathurst. The data from city and country cafes will inform how the project can become a state-wide way to end café food waste.


The core of the project is simplicity and cost savings for small business, plus keeping local money in local economies instead of it being sent away to large out-of-town megawaste businesses.

After two years of trialling the seats in Chippendale’s road gardens, which are now turning over 300 kg of food waste from locals back into soil and fruit, veggies, plants and trees the seat design is based on real life testing.

Everything is made in Australia; the recycled timber seat, Australian steel garden bed, Australian recycled plastic.

Stick with us – we aim to grow local jobs, local businesses, trees, plants and community in the next six months in ways others can copy across NSW and Australia.

May the worms, love for Earth and simplicity be with us and upon our streets and communities.