- Timber Seat (1.35m X 0.65m)

- Wicking beds to reduce water use and avoid surface watering.
- QR Code fixed to the food bucket(s) to measure food waste.

- Lock & Key to ensure only the owner has access.


This option does not include the galvanised steel tank shown in the image. Your seat will need to be placed in a raised garden bed. We offer Australian steel and made garden beds either 2.4m or 3m long, with or without a base. Prices are avaialble on request.


You can of course, buy your own garden bed from a local supplier and that's terrific as you're keeping your local money in your local economy :)


Delivery Price is TBA and will need to be paid separately. We will contact you to organise this.

COOLSEAT (Seat Only)

SKU: seatonly