Food Waste Song: BennyTheJukebox paired up with local hero Michael Mobbs to create this campaign for Coolseats:  Fighting food waste and climate change through community composting. Cool stuff


COOLSEATS re-invent our relationship with composting and food waste.


They have STYLE, they say, "Sit On Me!"

And from where you sit, you won't even smell it.


Did You Know? Throwing away 3kg of edible food results in greenhouse gases equivalent to 23kg of carbon dioxide being emitted in the atmosphere. 

Trouble is, many composting solutions are ugly, smelly and don't last the years. This is why we have made COOLSEATS.

Free compost at Cafe Guilia harvested today (22/1/2022) from COOLSEATS outside

Did You Know?

 Each jar of COOLSEATS compost is the equivalent CO2 saving not being emitted into the atmosphere as to driving the average Australian car 3-5km.

IMG_8119 2.jpeg
IMG_8117 2.jpeg

So, take a seat, put your bum on a COOLSEAT, get some rest while your food waste is busy composting underneath you, and your plants grow beside you.